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About Us

About Us

It´s been said we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Bill Fortune has created such a culture at one of the most respected electronic manufacturing companies in the industry, EDSYN Incorporated. Bill is the founder and innovative leader of EDSYN. He´s a passionate man who inspires by example and leads with a quiet and humble spirit. He has earned the respect from everyone around him including the toughest of competitors. His primary motivation is taking care of everything from Edsyn´s signature hummingbirds to the world we live in. His inventions reflect this caring nature, because he creates high performance, energy efficient and environmentally friendly products that last for decades. Family is a core principle at EDSYN and the primary way in which all are treated whether they are Bill´s literal family, friends, customers or employees.

Bill started out as a technician in a small Los Angeles-based company in the early 1960´s. He found it really difficult to remove solder and decided to work nights out of his garage to find an easier way to do his job. Being an innovator at heart, Bill soon found the perfect solution, a small hand held desoldering pump. His wife Shirley quickly named this innovative little tool the Soldapullt because it literally pulled solder off the circuit board using a single burst of suction. This ground-breaking technology launched an industry revolution and the birth of EDSYN, a name that fittingly stands for Engineering Dedicated to Suit Your Needs.

EDSYN has since grown from its garage days and now has two factory buildings located in Van Nuys, California and two subsidiaries located in Europe employing over 25 workers. Taking care of the customer and responding to the industry needs is still extremely important at EDSYN. In fact, Edsyn´s product range has expanded to include the highest quality soldering and desoldering products, fume extraction solutions, hand tools, dispensing systems and SMT rework products.

Starting with the basic soldering station, the 951SX offers high quality temperature controlled performance for technicians or production line users alike. Multi-tasking systems such as the ZD905V or TSX70 offer all-in-one solutions for more complex jobs. Edsyn´s Fuminator series of fume extraction systems are rapidly becoming the gold standard as facilities try to decrease the potentially harmful fumes of the production environment. Bench top systems such as the FXF11 provide an inexpensive means of removing a good percentage of fumes from a small localized area, while volume extraction units such as the FX225 can remove approximately 99.997% of particulate down to 0.3 microns. Keeping up with the environmental needs of the industry, EDSYN now provides a wide variety of lead free tips and RoHS compliant systems. Also, newly added to the product line is the portable and cordless PSS2000 soldering station with a lithium battery that is ideally suited for production environments with energy saving needs. EDSYN recently introduced the new 2020 soldering station - the first totally lead free micro-processor controlled system designed to handle current and future needs of the expanding global environment. Current projects include the development of products for space and zero gravity usage. EDSYN has already flown on two NASA Getaway Special programs and successfully conducted experiments involving new soldering systems and techniques especially designed for space

Even though he is now in his 70´s, Bill continues to invent new products and sees the potential for further developments as never-ending. When asked what he likes most about EDSYN, Bill reflected for a long time and with a smile said "it´s always nice to hear from a customer who´s had your product for 40 years." It´s an exceptional philosophy and probably the key to Edsyn´s success throughout its 45 years in business. In fact once a customer finds EDSYN; something very special happens, they´ve finally discovered a place where taking care of business is like taking care of family.

Complete Line of Quality Products, All Made in the USA:

  • Soldering
  • Desoldering
  • Fume Extraction
  • SMD Rework
  • Dispensing
  • Multitasking
  • Accessories

Edsyn Patented Technologies Include:
  • First patented hand held desoldering pump. Trademark name: Soldapullt
  • First patented temperature controlled soldering iron.
    Trademark name: Loner - because it stands alone in its class
  • First patented hot air SMT rework station. Trademark name Atmoscope
  • First patented rotating bench top fume extractor.
    Trademark name: Fuminator
  • First patented air and vacuum lifting tool that uses air pressure to lift components without direct contact. Trademark name: Soldavac
  • First in Space. In the 1980´s EDSYN flew on two NASA Getaway Special programs and successfully conducted experiments involving new soldering systems and techniques especially designed for space.
  • First patented portable and cordless soldering station with a lithium battery that is ideally suited for production environments with energy saving needs.
  • First totally lead free micro-processor controlled system designed to handle current and future needs of the expanding global environment.

Mission Statement

EDSYN'S mission is to bring innovative ideas to life through quality engineering and commitment to high performance designs dedicated to suit the needs of our customers.

The Vision of EDSYN is one based on its desire to continue to grow and develop as a manufacturer and produce a working environment and company that its employees are proud to be a part of.

Our vision therefore is to:

  • Build a reputation as an organization that responds to the rapidly changing needs of our customers
  • Return to providing outstanding quality customer service
  • Proactively seek new initiatives for the overall benefit of our stakeholders

The corporate values that shape the character and development of EDSYN include our ability to be honest, trustworthy and fair in our relationships with customers, suppliers and employees. EDSYN listens and responds to the needs of its stakeholders and takes its role in concern for the environment seriously.
We encourage creative thinking and innovation amongst our employees and put quality at the center of our management and manufacturing processes.


Quality is a responsibility. EDSYN believes this responsibility rests on every employee, and everyone is expected to comply with the Quality Policy at EDSYN. We call this EDSYN QUALITY and is symbolized by the "EQ" stamp and logo.

The EDSYN QUALITY Procedures are designed to:

  • Provide a continuous quality check and improvement process on all products we manufacture.
  • Allow us to provide the quality products ourcustomer's demand and deserve.
  • Refine our processes and procedures to assure that quality will remain high and improve.

Total quality is a commitment at EDSYN.

By implementing and enforcing these standards we will be in a position to fulfill our Mission, remain strong financially, increase market share, insure employee safety, remain socially responsible and continue to meet the requirements of our customers world wide.


EDSYN has had close to five decades of proprietary innovative development of products. As a result of our proprietary innovation process, the old does not become obsolete. At Edsyn we connect former technology with the new - this is our heritage paying dividends to customers globally.

We have learned that all parts of the world do not change at the same time. By having heritage proprietary innovative products anyone, anywhere, can use the technology level that is applicable to their environment or circumstances. This, has put Edsyn in the forefront of continued global activities with a view to the outer limits of space. Any place man can stand we will continue to provide the tools that will propel him to new frontiers. Each day our Research and Development Team (fondly referred to by us as Hummer Works) abides by the goal to communicate that Edsyn does and always will stand for Engineering Dedicated to Suit Your Needs.

  • Complete Line of Quality Products, All Made in the USA.
  • Keeping Edsyn customers and employees on the forefront of technology shaping our lives at a faster pace
  • Offering more opportunities to invest and develop production processes
  • Stabilizing employment that gives customers a long term support structure
  • Stabilizing Long Term Sales
  • Developing manufacturing expertise to make proprietary products even more affordable
  • Putting more long and short term innovation into a smaller footprint by elevating customer skills
  • Offering customers and employees a higher level of respect for their ever changing efforts
  • Heritage proprietary development - Reused before Recycled - New does not replace old
  • Long Lasting Innovation

Really, after reviewing all the benefits, the question should be why wouldn´t Edsyn develop patents for proprietary products?