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Self-Contained SMT Hot Air Station
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    Self-Contained SMT Hot Air Station

    Product Code: 1036-230B

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    Price: $1,311.20

    Product Description

    LONER ATMOSCOPE Self-Contained SMT Hot Air Station 230V British Style with FA493, PS543 and PD525

    This station is perfect for lab-type settings where shop air is not available. With a helpful variety of hot air tips at your disposal you will find soldering with this station a breeze.


    • The ultimate self-contained hot air station with built-in air source specifically designed to navigate densely populated areas with pinpoint accuracy
    • Provides precise application of hot air for components with up to 84 pins (208 QFP)
    • Adjustable airflow and automatic shut-off valve when hand piece is placed in holder
    • Uses a wide variety of nozzle sizes and expands to include optional soldering iron
    • ESD safe
    • 18 month warranty


    Dimensions: 5.2"W x 8.5"H x 10"D (132mm x 216mm x 254mm)

    Power Requirements: 230V, 50Hz

    Power Rating: 125W

    Weight: 5 Lbs.

    Heater: 230V, 95W

    Temp Range: 400°F-800°F/205°C-427°C

    Temp Regulation: ±6°F/±3°C


    Package Contents:

    Part No.Description
    1036-230BSelf-Contained SMT hot air station with FA069 hot air handle with LT428 tip
    PD525Tool pod
    SH230Sponge holder includes RS199 cleaning sponge, RS243 leveling pad, LN230 sponge liner

    Accessory Kit:

    Part No. Description
    WT620Tip wrench 1/4" socket
    WT624 Tip wrench, dual open end, 1/4" & 5/16"
    ST706SMD tool to life off SMD's .oo2"/.05 mm x .238"/6.05 mm
    RB641Shim blade replacement .002"/.05 mm x .238".6.05 mm x 3'/.61 m
    AN112Anti-Seize compound




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