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At EDSYN we believe that what you give is what you get and this is a philosophy that shapes the way we think as a company and is intrinsic to our values and work ethic. For more than 50 years, the key to our success has been to put the needs of our customers at the center of our operation. We deliver passion, commitment and quality. In return we get loyalty and respect for what we do and how we do it. .

EDSYN is an acronym which means ENGINEERING DEDICATED TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS. The name reflects what EDSYN set out to accomplish from its beginnings and has been the objective of the Company for over 50 years.

The history of EDSYN tells a compelling story. More than 50 years ago, Bill and Shirley Fortune started what has now become a Legacy within the electronics industry. Bill began working as a technician in the early 1960s, involved in the removal of solder in various applications. Unfortunately, he found the techniques in use at the time outdated, difficult and time consuming. He took the decision to work nights in his garage to find a way to solve this solder removal problem for himself and his colleagues. Bill soon developed the perfect solution to his dilemma and his wife, Shirley, cleverly named his new invention the Soldapullt® - the rest as they say is history. This ground-breaking technology launched an industry revolution and the birth of EDSYN. Over the next five decades Bill continued innovating and Shirley would name and market his inventions ensuring they received the widest audience possible under what was fast becoming a brand name. EDSYN was not to be the sole responsibility of Bill and Shirley. They enjoyed family life and trained their daughters from an early age to take an active role in the company.

Bill always had a keen interest in and admiration for German engineering and wished to introduce his brand of engineering to the German market. This became a reality in the 1980s when EDSYN opened EDSYN GmbH Europa in Germany. This subsidiary has been successfully managed for over 30 years by Franz Furtner and has earned a distinguished place in the European market. Christiane Furtner, daughter of Franz, continues to spearhead EDSYN in Germany.

With EDSYN GmbH Europa achieving such success, Bill decided that he would like to expand his European interest to the United Kingdom. This was achieved in 1995 with the introduction of EDSYN UK Ltd. This British based subsidiary did much to ensure that EDSYN became recognized in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales as a provider of quality products and services for the electronics industry.

Today, EDSYN is still busy manufacturing products in California which makes us proud that we are able to provide jobs not only family but to all of our employees. We are one of the last remaining manufacturers of soldering and Desoldering equipment based within the US.

EDSYN employs approximately 25 full time employees at its factory in California. Each tool is carefully and meticulously handcrafted and we view it as a privilege to take care of and respond to the needs of our customers in every way possible thereby remaining true to our name.

We celebrate the fact that EDSYN has been in operation for over 50 years and continues to be family-owned and managed. EDSYN’s quest for well-engineered and innovative products will always be our passion. Sadly Bill passed away in 2013. He left a legacy built on his passion for innovation and engineering and we are dedicated to ensuring that this legacy will continue for many generations to come. Bill will be remembered for many things, but when asked what he liked most about EDSYN, he replied with is trademark warm, proud smile “it’s always nice to hear from a customer who has had your product for over 40 years”. These words are the essence of the meaning behind the name.

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