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LONER  Legacy Line Soldering Station with Linear Temperature Control
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    LONER Legacy Line Soldering Station with Linear Temperature Control

    Product Code: 951SXe

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    Product Description

    Model 951SXe is a temperature controlled soldering station and a legacy in the making. It was the first product released when the LEGACY LINE launched nearly a decade ago. This new line acknowledged the innovative spirit of Bill Fortune, founder and creator of EDSYN. It was about returning to basics i.e., stripping away the complicated and keeping it simple. It reminds us that while technology can be complicated, the tools and products used to build it don't have to be. The LEGACY LINE is concerned with improving productivity and efficiency and the 951SXe delivers. Bill Fortune knew how to meet the needs of his customers and when they asked for a smaller station, he responded by designing the 951SXe which is compact and lightweight; a true benefit for those with limited workspace. For a production ready soldering station that meets the demands and challenges of any production line or workshop, the 951SXe is the right tool. It ensures the performance and workmanship of the operator is always at its best.


    • Accurate linear temperature control dial
    • New and modern illuminated design for better visibility and to better indicate power on/off
    • F/C display
    • Easy to maintain and calibrate with external calibration features
    • Modular sponge tray
    • Wide variety of soldering and SMT CROWN® tips available
    • RoHS compliant
    • ESD safe
    • 18 month warranty


    Dimensions: 4.11"W x 6.5"H x 4"D (104 mm x 166mm x 102 mm)

    Power Requirements: 120V, 60Hz

    Power Rating: 15W - 220W

    Weight: 2.12bs

    Heater: 120V, 95W

    Temp Range: 400°F-800°F/205°C-427°C

    Temp Regulation: ±6°F/±3°C

    Head Length: na

    SMD: na


    Package Contents:

    Part No.Description
    951SXeTemperature controlled soldering station includes LT375 Tip and SR1215 Hollow heater soldering tool
    PD528Tool Pod
    SH235Modular sponge tray with RS200 round cleaning sponge
    WP556WIGAPRY mini screwdriver and calibration aid tool




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